Call For Papers


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to those topics as below.

Topic 1: Internet of things (IOT) Fundamentals and Communication Network

  • Context-Awareness and Location-Awareness
  • Networking and Communication Protocols
  • Machine to Machine Communications
  • 5G Networks
  • IPv6, 6LoWPAN, RPL, 6TiSCH, W3C
  • Network Coding
  • D2d and M2M Communications
  • High Band, Narrow Band Networks
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Sensor Network
  • Massive IoT
  • Cyber-physical systems

Topic 2: Internet of things (IOT) Technology and Engineering Application

  • Smart City Examples and Case Studies
  • Green IoT: Sustainable Design and Technologies
  • Transport Safety and Mobility
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Smart Collision Avoidance
  • Smart Tele-healthcare
  • Healthcare, e-Health, Assisted Living
  • Smart Telecardiolgy and Telenursing
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Industrial IoT

Topic 3: Internet of things (IOT) Calculation and Equipment

  • Technological Focus for Smart Environments
  • Storage and Data Management for IoT
  • Computing for IoT
  • Cloud and Fog Computing
  • Edge and Mobile Computing
  • Platform Based Computing
  • Sensors
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle
  • Electronic Technologies for in-Vehicle
  • Social Implications for IoT Intelligent
  • Systems for IoT and Services Computing
  • Sensor Networks, Remote Diagnosis and Development

Topic 4: Internet of things (IOT) Applications and Security

  • Platforms and Framework
  • Semantic Technologies, Collective Intelligence
  • Horizontal application development for IoT
  • IoT Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios
  • Security and Privacy for Internet of Things
  • Identification and Authentication Issues
  • Intrusion and Attacks in IoT
  • Cryptography, Key Management and Authorization for IoT
  • Software Engineering for IoT and IoE
  • Architecture for Secure and Interactive IoT
  • Software for IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence